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Products & Services

Plant Nutrition

There are essential nutrients plants need in order to develop properly.  The advisors at Westan Growers utilize many tools in creating season long nutrition plans for the fields they walk and manage.  Some of these tools include working with laboratories that have the latest technology in analyzing soil, water and tissue samples.  The data from these samples can then be used to recommend the appropriate amendments that will help the plants thrive. 


Westan Growers has rancheros, tenders, ball tanks, nurse tanks, field storage tanks  and some spreading equipment.  The equipment is efficiently maintained by our expert chemical and fertilizer staff.

Hardware Store

Westan Growers Hardware Store provides west side growers with brand name parts, farm supply products,  tools, hydraulic hose, galvanized pipe, pvc pipe, irrigation supplies and misc. home products. We are a warehouse for oxygen & acetylene. If you need it and we do not have it we will find it for you. If you have any questions or need help finding hardware items  please contact us.

Crop Protection

West Valley Agricultural Services, LLC dba:  Westan Growers is a full service retail crop protection company with 4 Pest Control and Certified Crop Advisors.  When it comes to keeping your crops safe, our advisors have the training, knowledge and experience to assist you in growing high yielding, healthy crops.  Our people are the experts in recommending the best tools to help growers with their farming needs.

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